Does modern feminism harm gender equality?

*disclamer* in the articles I post under this headline I am talking specifically about Europe, North America, South America and any other westernised MEDCs

In this second section there is a few myths that still to this day are being used as arguments to show that women live in a patriarchal society. Such as the argument of the wage gap, I will go into more detail on this myth in a later article but ask yourself one question. If women were able to get payed less than men legally why doesn’t every company simply hire women?

Secondly, the idea of campus rape culture (more specifically focused in America). This ideology that “all men are rapists”. It’s utterly absurd and if a woman even accuses a man of sexual advances the man can get fired from his job on the spot.

Both of these arguments hinder gender equality as it gives the world a negative view of men and assumes them to be toxic human beings.

That concludes this section, the next section will focus on the Male privileges vs Female privileges…


Does modern feminism harm gender equality?

Feminism at it’s core used to stand for gender equality, making sure whether you are a man or a woman you had the same rights. We are closer to equality between the genders in this day and age than we’ve ever been before. However now if you want men and women to be allowed the same opportunities and to speak on the same platform then become an egalitarian. Modern feminism has turned into a toxic culture where some “feminist groups” protest men’s issues conferences and attempt to squash any speech against their ideals. To conclude this section: modern feminism has become more about man-hating than fighting for gender equality…